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League to Protest Obama and Pelosi in Chicago May 29

Posted by John Jansen (May 24, 2013 at 12:34 pm)

When President Obama and Nancy Pelosi come to town next week for a Democratic Party fundraiser, we’ll be there with graphic abortion signs to remind their wealthy donors that when they write their big, fat checks, they’re supporting the killing of unborn children.

Nancy Pelosi calls herself an “ardent, practicing Catholic,” but says “we don’t know” when life begins, so we can’t do anything to restrict “a woman’s right to choose.”

Not to be outdone, Obama himself recently took things further when he told an audience at a fundraiser for the nation’s largest abortion chain: “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you . . .”—words that are nothing short of blasphemy.

And, of course, Obama is on record supporting the “right” of the Kermit Gosnells of the world to murder babies who survive botched abortions.

Democrats are supposed to watch out for “the little guy” — but there’s no “little guy” more vulnerable than an unborn baby!

Join us as we expose Obama and Pelosi’s radical abortion agenda:

This is one protest you won’t want to miss. Be there!

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The Word President Obama Didn’t Use When He Addressed Planned Parenthood

Posted by John Jansen (May 3, 2013 at 1:21 pm)

QuicktakeRich Lowry, writing at Politico:

President Barack Obama was proud to become the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood last Friday. But not proud enough to utter the word “abortion.” …

Listening to him, you could be forgiven for thinking that the country is riven by a fierce dispute over whether women should be allowed to choose their own ob-gyns or decide whether to take contraceptives or to get cancer screenings. One side is pro-women’s health, the other anti. In his speech, the president said the word “cancer” seven times. About that he is happy to be straightforward.
Imagine if he had been similarly frank about the rest of Planned Parenthood’s work: “In 2011, according to your annual report, your clinics or affiliates performed 330,000 abortions. That’s a lot of abortion. Over 10 years more than 3 million. Thank you, Planned Parenthood. Think of all those women who wanted to terminate their pregnancies and you were there for them. That’s what you do. That’s what you are about. And that’s what this country is about.” …

The unwritten rule is that when the left discusses abortion it is never called “abortion,” but always referred to as “health” or, more specifically “reproductive health” — although abortion is the opposite of reproduction and for one party involved, the opposite of health.

Read the whole thing.

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Why is Obama Distancing Himself from Planned Parenthood? One Word: Gosnell.

Posted by Matt Yonke (April 24, 2013 at 3:11 pm)
Cecile Richards and President Obama 

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards with President Obama reports a shocking development. President Obama was scheduled to give the keynote address at Planned Parenthood’s “Time to Care” fundraising gala in Washington DC tomorrow night, but just announced he is backing out of the engagement, opting to speak to a much smaller, low-profile gathering of Planned Parenthood supporters on Friday.

This is the first time President Obama has put any distance whatsoever between himself and Planned Parenthood or abortion writ large. He resisted cutting any government support to Planned Parenthood in budget deals and has publicly promoted them, even to the point of producing a public service announcement telling everyone just how great the nation’s largest abortion chain is.

Now, only a day before the event, the President has backed out citing “schedule changes” that would allow him to spend more time at a memorial for victims of the tragic explosion in Waco, Texas. [Continue reading …]

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Not Even Obama and Sebelius Would Allow OTC Sales of “Emergency Contraception” to Kids, But a Judge Does

Posted by John Jansen (April 5, 2013 at 3:36 pm)

ecfailFederal District Court Judge Edward Korman ruled this morning that the morning-after pill (or, so-called “emergency contraception”; hereafter, “EC”) must be made available over-the-counter with no age restrictions.

This means that 16 year old girls (and boys) can now get the morning-after pill without a prescription.

So can 15 year olds, and 14 year olds, and 13 year olds, and 12 year olds, etc., despite the fact that the age of consent in every state is between 16 and 18.

To understand how outrageous Judge Korman’s decision is, consider that in December 2011, stridently “pro-choice” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius actually overruled a recommendation from the FDA to make the morning-after pill available OTC with no restrictions.

This decision was truly extraordinary, as it was the first time ever that an HHS secretary had publicly overruled an FDA recommendation.

It would be an understatement to say that we’re no fans of Kathleen Sebelius. She’s usually wrong, but this time, she actually got it right, and Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler said as much.

Pro-aborts were livid. [Continue reading …]

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All Charges Dropped against the ND 88!

Posted by Corrina Gura (May 6, 2011 at 12:04 pm)
2 of the ND 88

The arrest of Tracy and Jean Chase, two of the “ND 88″ at Notre Dame, May 17, 2009 [Photo by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society]

We were happy to receive word today that all charges have been dropped against the group nicknamed the “ND 88,” who were arrested when President Obama came to give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame on May 17, 2009.

History of the Dispute

When President Obama was announced on as the Notre Dame commencement speaker in March 2009, pro-life groups across the nation, starting with the Pro-Life Action League League, denounced the invitation. Protests soon began, and the League erected billboards along the Indiana Toll Road decrying Obama’s “pro abortion choice” stance.

Commencement Day, May 17, was met with huge protests, with the League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society busing in hundreds of activists to hold graphic abortion signs and picket signs with the message Obama = Abortion.

As part of the protests that day and in the weeks before, 88 individuals decided to engage in civil disobedience, protesting onto the grounds on the University in protest, in defiance of Notre Dame police orders. They were arrested and charged with trespassing. [Continue reading …]

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The Significance of the 2010 Elections

Posted by Joe Scheidler (November 4, 2010 at 1:56 pm)

The big question now is: What does the Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives do for the pro-life movement?

First of all, it is an major embarrassment to President Obama, as he essentially admitted in his post-election press conference.

The takeover of the House sends a clear message to Obama that his first two years in office have been essentially a disaster. Even he has had to acknowledge that fact.

And the turnover to a more pro-life and conservative House sends a clear message that Obamacare is so bad that it will lose whatever support it needs, and should be dismembered, piece by piece. This is probably
the greatest good to come from the November 2 elections. [Continue reading …]

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