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Teenager Arrested for “Fifty Shades” Inspired Rape: How Did We Get Here?

by John Jansen (February 25, 2015 at 5:26 pm)

Mohammad HossainWhen I first saw the now widely circulated story about Mohammad Hossain, the 19-year old Chicago college student who was arrested for rape after he claimed he was merely reenacting scenes from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I couldn’t help but think of these words I had just come across earlier this week:

It is tragically ironic that at a time when we are recognizing an epidemic of campus rape and sexual assault—and carrying on a national conversation about how to address this problem—we are at the same time rushing to embrace a book and film that pair sex and aggression, and that portray male domination as an enticing or exciting option. But the prevailing orthodoxy on college campuses when it comes to sex is very simple: anything goes so long as it is consensual. This is—I suggest—a very thin and insufficient defense against sexual coercion and sexual abuse. This is not a recipe for a healthy sexual climate on campus.

They were written by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, and they appear in a brilliant article titled “Hooked Up and Tied Down: The Neurological Consequences of Sadomasochism” that appeared recently on Public Discourse. [Continue reading …]

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Down Syndrome Should Not Be a Death Sentence

by League Staff (February 24, 2015 at 2:17 pm)

QuicktakeMatthew Hennessey, writing at First Things:

Sadly, this is how many see disability — one, long, painful babysitting job for beleaguered parents who will never know happiness, never know grace, never know peace and quiet, never know what it is to eat a nice meal of pizza at an outdoor café. Can you imagine such hardship?

I can, I suppose. I have a daughter with Down syndrome, and I know countless other families who love someone with the genetic condition known as Trisomy 21. We’re not saints for having taken on this burden; neither are we victims. Sure, it’s hard sometimes. On balance, though, our difficulties are no greater or more insurmountable than any family’s. After all, into each life some rain must fall.

Despite claiming to have done some research, [Sophie] Horan and her husband are terrifically misinformed about Down syndrome. Horan claims she aborted her baby because she didn’t “want him or her to ever feel lonely, lack independence, or be confined to a nursing home when we passed on.” In fact, numerous studies have confirmed what my family already knows: people with Down syndrome are happy with their lives. Siblings of those with Down syndrome report that their lives are enriched by their brother or sister’s condition. Parents are brought closer together by the experience of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Read the whole thing.

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Joe Scheidler Pays Tribute to Brother Paul O’Donnell

by Joe Scheidler (February 24, 2015 at 9:27 am)

On February 20, longtime pro-life advocate Brother Paul O’Donnell died at the age of 55.

Brother Paul O'Donnell speaks at a tribute dinner honoring Joe Scheidler, April 2, 2011

Brother Paul O’Donnell speaks at a tribute dinner honoring Joe Scheidler, April 2, 2011 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

During the Rose Dinner at the March for Life this year, I had the honor to sit next to an old friend, Brother Paul O’Donnell of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace.

I met Brother Paul years ago when I spoke at a pro-life conference in the Twin Cities. On the panel on which Paul and I spoke at were two stalwart pro-life activists from St. Louis, Michael Gaworski and John Ryan.

Paul and Mike had decided to dedicate their lives to saving babies and their mothers from abortion, and at the time they were discerning just how to do that. They founded a group called Pro-Life Action Ministries and eventually decided to form a religious order. He was also a co-founder of the Human Life Alliance.

His religious order acquired an empty convent and began drawing vocations when suddenly Brother Michael suffered a viral attack and went into a coma. Brother Paul learned that the doctors had given up on Brother Michael and were about to take him off of life support, so they had him moved to their monastery and cared for him — for twelve years. I visited them and was impressed with the gentle care they were giving. Brother Michael was comatose, but they asked me to talk to him because he might be able to hear me. They prayed at his bedside several times a day. [Continue reading …]

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Rest in Peace, Dr. Jack Willke

by Joe Scheidler (February 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm)

On February 20, pro-life pioneer Dr. John Willke died at his home in Cincinnati at the age of 89.

Jack Willke and Joe Scheidler, 2005

Dr. Jack Willke (left) and Pro-Life Action League director Joe Scheidler at Jack’s 80th birthday party, April 5, 2005

The Handbook on Abortion by Dr. Jack and Barbara Willke became my Bible just as soon as abortion became legal nationwide in 1973.

It had been published in 1971 and was already on the shelves when the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion on demand the law of the land. I don’t know what we would have done without it. It answered all the questions we pro-lifers had in those early days, and we were glad someone had done our work for us.

The book ended up being used worldwide and was eventually translated into 32 languages and went through multiple reprintings.

The “Willke Slides”: An Invaluable Pro-Life Resource

Jack was an obstetrician who quit delivering babies in the late 1960s in order to work full-time in the abortion battle. But who was Jack Willke? And why did he do all his writing and give his talks with his wife, Barbara? [Continue reading …]

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Will you accept the Pro-Life Action League’s 2015 Lenten Prayer Challenge?

by Eric Scheidler (February 18, 2015 at 1:07 pm)

In past years, the Pro-Life Action League has called on pro-lifers to pray for those involved in the abortion business during the season of Lent. This year, our Lenten prayer campaign has a very special focus.

Response to last year’s Lenten prayer campaign was overwhelming, with thousands of pro-lifers praying and fasting for three women—a pro-choice journalist, abortion clinic escort and a newly-trained abortionist—with whom the League had been involved in the previous year.

These three women needed—and still need—our prayers. But the subjects of this year’s Lenten prayer campaign may need them even more.

With our recent focus on criminality in the abortion industry, I’m calling on pro-lifers to pray for three criminal abortionists this Lent.

The three abortionists in question are Brian Finkel, Kermit Gosnell and the recently arrested Naresh Patel. Will you join me and other pro-lifers across the country in praying for these men each day this Lent, and fasting from one meal a week for their conversion? [Continue reading …]

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Chicago Tribune Publishes Major Story on Abortion Clinic That Refuses to Pay $36,000 Fine Following Woman’s Death

by John Jansen (February 17, 2015 at 12:24 pm)

women's aid clinic story in chicago tribuneThe Pro-Life Action League has been following the story of the Women’s Aid Clinic abortion facility closely for the past three years, and we’re pleased that it’s finally receiving thorough treatment from a major media outlet.

Today’s Chicago Tribune has a major front-page article on the Women’s Aid facility, whose owner, Larisa Rozansky, still has not paid the $36,000 fine assessed by the State of Illinois in 2011.

Abortion clinic moves, changes name, claims it doesn’t exist

The massive fine was assessed in response to a host of serious violations discovered by state inspectors, including failure to perform CPR on 18-year old Antonesha Ross, who died following an abortion performed there in 2009.

Since that time, Rozansky closed out the Women’s Aid Clinic bank account, dissolved the company, changed its name to Women’s Aid Center and moved to a different location — although the “Center” continued to use the same website and phone number, and for a period of time, even processed credit cards via the same Merchant Services account number as the “Clinic.”

When the state reminded Rozansky that in March 2012 that paying the $36,000 fine wasn’t optional, her response was that Women’s Aid Clinic “does not exist,” and so the state was out of luck. [Continue reading …]

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Planned Parenthood Logic: Opposition to Abortion = “Hate”

by John Jansen (February 11, 2015 at 10:44 am)

Abortion is not health care

Planned Parenthood still hasn’t gotten the memo

Do you believe that the lives of unborn babies deserve the protection of law? Then according to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, you’re a hater.

Yesterday, Richards sent an email complaining about a “health crisis in New Orleans” that’s been brought about by a measles outbreak the Louisiana Health Department’s refusal to allow the opening of Planned Parenthood’s new $4 million abortion facility in New Orleans. In her message, Richards uses some variation on the phrase “New Orleans needs health care, not hate” no fewer than four (4) times.

“War on Women” Rhetoric Retread

From a fundraising standpoint, this is a brilliant move on Richards’ part. What better way to gin up the anger of your hardcore supporters — and get them to send you money — than by painting your opponents with the hate brush? [Continue reading …]

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League’s “Handcuffs Project” Hits Home

by Eric Scheidler (February 6, 2015 at 5:16 pm)

Handcuffs cartoonWhen I mailed out a package to every abortion clinic in the country a couple weeks ago, including a pair of plastic handcuffs and my phone number, I didn’t really expect to get any calls—at least not from abortion clinics.

I thought most likely the abortion clinics would completely ignore this “care package,” and the best I could expect was some good coverage from friendly media—Christian and pro-life sites that would be interested in a project like this. Still, I was hopeful the project could reach a wider audience and did everything I could to make that happen.

And it all paid off. Not only was I directly contacted by several abortion clinics, but the campaign received outstanding media coverage, including articles in USA Today and Cosmopolitan. Read on for details and links. [Continue reading …]

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Joining 40 Days for Life? Get Your Life Witness Prayer Book for 20% Off!

by League Staff (February 6, 2015 at 2:16 pm)

On February 18, 40 Days for Life prayer vigils will be starting in hundreds of cities and towns all over the United States and throughout the world.

If you’re planning to take part in one of these 40 Days vigils — and you should! — the Pro-Life Action League has a great prayer book to share with you.

Praying outside an abortion facility is one of the most important pro-life activities we can do. But sometimes it’s a challenge.

Not only can it be tough to fill your vigil time with meaningful prayer, but it’s sometimes easy to get distracted. That’s why the Pro-Life Action League has put together the Life Witness Prayer Book, a tool to help make prayer time outside abortion facilities as constructive and focused as possible. [Continue reading …]

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Why did Eric Scheidler send diapers to a Detroit abortion clinic?

by Eric Scheidler (January 30, 2015 at 4:23 pm)

Diapers sent to Summit abortion clinic in DetroitToday I mailed a package of 32 newborn diapers to Summit Medical Center, an abortion clinic in Detroit. Why? Because I promised to.

On Monday, I got a call from a phone number in Michigan from someone who had opened up the “care package” I sent to 569 abortion clinics on January 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which included a pair of plastic handcuffs. In my signed note in the package, I linked the handcuffs to abortionist Naresh Patel, arrested last month for fraud, and said to call me for help getting out of the abortion business.

The Michigan caller was angry about the package, and said I should be sending her diapers, not handcuffs, so she can help women coming for prenatal care. I said I would and asked for the address, which proved to be that of Summit Medical Center on McNichols Road in Detroit, Michigan.

Eric's handwritten note to Summit medical director Anise BurrellWe talked for 10 minutes. The caller offered the usual argument that she’s helping women by providing abortion. Several times she declared that this is a “cruel, ugly world.” The despair of that comment really struck me.

With help from Lynn Mills, a pro-life activist in Detroit, I was later able to identify the caller as Summit medical director Anise Burrell. Lynn also confirmed that Summit does see some women for prenatal care.

Today I sent the diapers to Ms. Burrell, along with an ironically appropriate greeting card—on the front, “A new baby changes everything”; inside: “Except its own diapers.” Here’s what I wrote inside: [Continue reading …]

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