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Pro-Life Action League to File Suit against City of Chicago over “Bubble Zone” Law

by Eric Scheidler (August 17, 2016 at 12:49 pm)

bubble zone protest in chicago

Next Tuesday, the Pro-Life Action League is filing a lawsuit against the City of Chicago over the unjust “Bubble Zone” law that has been making it harder for pro-life sidewalk counselors to reach abortion-bound mothers for nearly seven years.

The law makes it illegal to approach within eight feet of someone walking towards an abortion clinic without their consent, once they’re within 50 feet of the entrance.

Sound confusing? That’s because it is. This law was designed to be confusing, and the Chicago police have been misapplying it from Day One, and it’s caused endless problems for our faithful sidewalk counselors.

Pro-Life Action League staff and volunteers have been carefully gathering evidence of First Amendment violations by police wrongly applying the Bubble Zone ordinance, and now our attorneys at the Thomas More Society are ready to go to court.

To draw media attention to this important case, we’re holding a protest and press conference outside Planned Parenthood on Chicago’s north side on Tuesday. [Continue reading …]

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Join Us As We Show the Victims of Abortion in Rockford, Illinois

by League Staff (August 3, 2016 at 2:18 pm)

rockford truth day

In early 2011, Northern Illinois Women’s Center, the notoriously creepy abortion center in Rockford, Illinois, closed its doors for good after the state found deplorable health conditions inside.

The local pro-life community was overjoyed at the victory God had granted them after many years of hard work, but even now, they’re not about to rest on their laurels.

In addition to praying and sidewalk counseling at other abortion facilities in northern Illinois, the pro-lifers in Illinois’ third largest city are continuing their longstanding tradition of a summer Face the Truth day, which the Pro-Life Action League will sponsor on Wednesday, August 10.

Face the Truth Day, Rockford, IL • Wednesday, August 10

The Tour will visit three sites over the course of the day: [Continue reading …]

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Rauner Signs SB1564 into Law: A Blow to Conscience Rights in Illinois

by Ann Scheidler (July 29, 2016 at 5:57 pm)

Illinois abortionToday Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law SB 1564, which will force medical personnel and pro-life pregnancy resource centers to refer their patients for abortion and to discuss the “benefits” of abortion with them, in spite of the fact that for all pro-life pregnancy centers and for many doctors and other medical professionals doing so is in direct conflict with their consciences.

Gov. Rauner had promised during his campaign for office that he would steer clear of social issues. We knew he was not with us on abortion, but we trusted that he would not undermine efforts to protect conscience rights and to enact measures that ensured the safety of women. Not one Republican voted for this anti-conscience bill. Sadly, Rauner has chosen to side with the pro-abortion Democrats in Springfield rather than his own party.

The pro-life movement in Illinois mounted a massive phone, email and letter writing campaign urging Rauner to veto SB 1564, while Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion cronies ran their own campaign to get him to sign the bill into law. Evidently, Rauner would rather cater to the nation’s largest abortion chain than stand with his own party and the pro-lifers who believed him when he ran for governor.

This is sad and tragic news. It will result in lawsuits filed against the State of Illinois, which is in a dismal financial state and can ill afford to take on unnecessary legal battles. The medical professionals in the state of Illinois deserve to practice their healing art and have their freedom of conscience respected. The pro-life pregnancy centers should be protected from giving exactly the advice that goes against everything they stand for. They will not do it.

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Pictures from the 2016 Face the Truth Tour

by Matt Yonke (July 25, 2016 at 2:08 pm)

From July 8 to 16, the Pro-Life Action League hit the streets of northeast Illinois on our 17th annual “Face the Truth” Tour. Check out photos from each day of the Tour in the slideshow below:

Created with flickr slideshow.

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2016 Face the Truth Tour concludes

by Matt Yonke (July 18, 2016 at 3:31 pm)

Last week the Pro-Life Action League held our 17th annual “Face the Truth” Tour where we bring images of the victims of abortion into the public square at to busy intersections across our home state of Illinois.

Invariably, when controversial images like these are shown to the public, reactions run the gamut from agreement to outrage, and this year League Executive Director Eric Scheidler made a short video each day to share some of these reactions as well as other insights about the abortion issue.

Take a look through the videos below to get a taste of what it’s like on the front lines of pro-life activism and check below the videos for some of the fantastic news coverage we received on the Tour!

Day One: So why do we show abortion victim photos in public?

Day Two: Who’s with STUPID? Pro-choicers can be MEAN.

Day Three: Amazing story of a mom who chose LIFE!

Day Four: Time lapse video shows 1000’s reached in Chicago Loop.

Day Five: Do abortion victim photos harm children?

Day Six: What kind of person holds abortion victim photos on a busy street?

Day Seven: Why it’s so important to meet the public one-on-one.

Day Eight: A post-abortive Face the Truth volunteer shares her story.

Truth Tour Press Coverage

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Join the Pro-Life Action League’s “Face the Truth” Tour, July 8-16

by Matt Yonke (July 5, 2016 at 2:48 pm)

On Friday, July 8, the Pro-Life Action League will kick off our 17th annual “Face the Truth” Tour across northeastern Illinois.

This powerful campaign brings the victims of abortion to the public square so people can come face to face with the brutal reality of abortion.

We’ll be visiting three sites a day from July 8-16, so join us on the streets if you can! Here’s the full Tour schedule:

Friday, July 8: Joliet Area

9:00-10:30 Joliet
W Jefferson Street and N Larkin Avenue Map
11:30-1:00 Shorewood
Route 59 and Black Road Map
3:00-4:30 Joliet
Route 59 and Caton Farm Road Map

Saturday, July 9: Western Suburbs

9:00-10:30 Villa Park
Roosevelt Road and Summit Avenue Map

[Continue reading …]

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Is It Un-Christian to Show the Victims of Abortion?

by John Jansen (June 30, 2016 at 9:00 am)

On our website is a page that addresses the most common objections we hear during our “Face the Truth” Tours, when we show pictures of abortion victims out on the streets—as we’re preparing to do at 24 sites in and around Chicago starting July 8.

But in this post I’d like to focus on another objection that I must admit I find it hard to get my head around. Namely, the charge that showing abortion victim photos in public is uncharitable — and yea, even un-Christian — especially because of the supposedly damaging effects it has on children.

Personally, I find it understandable that the average secular person might get angry upon seeing a display of pictures of abortion victims.

But I’m gobsmacked when Christians try to claim that showing the victims of abortion in an effort to awaken people’s consciences is actually contrary to our faith.

Showing the Victims of Abortion: Unpopular, But Necessary

As Christians, we know that on that first Good Friday, Our Lord Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be mercilessly scourged, crowned with thorns, and forced to stumble — battered, bloodied, and grotesquely ignominious — through the streets of Jerusalem before being nailed to the Cross. It’s surely safe to assume that there were children among the crowds that day — these were public streets, after all, and the city would have been teeming with families who had come there on pilgrimage for Passover. [Continue reading …]

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Eric Scheidler Comments on Today’s Supreme Court Decision

by League Staff (June 27, 2016 at 9:51 am)

Supreme CourtThis morning the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that a Texas law restricting abortion clinics was unconstitutional.

In response, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler issued the following statement:

It is shameful to see a majority of the Supreme Court sacrificing public health and safety to prop up the abortion industry in Texas. If this case were about anything other than abortion, this law would have been upheld. Indeed, it would never have been challenged. Only the abortion industry balks at adhering to the same standards considered routine by legitimate health care providers.

How many Kermit Gosnells will it take for public officials to uphold common sense health and safety standards for the abortion industry? In the wake of this irresponsible ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, pro-life activists will be redoubling our efforts to highlight the dangerous conditions at America’s abortion clinics — like the ambulances we see turning up regularly at abortion clinics around the country — in hopes that one day the abortion industry will be held accountable for endangering public health.

A few days later, Eric recorded this video outside the Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, one of the largest abortion facilities in the country, with some thoughts on where to go from here in the wake of Monday’s decision:

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VIDEO: Eric Scheidler Comments on Meeting with Donald Trump

by League Staff (June 22, 2016 at 4:45 pm)

Yesterday, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler attended a large meeting of conservative Christian leaders and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in New York City.

Upon returning to his home in Aurora, Illinois, Eric recorded this video reflection on how Mr. Trump addressed his primary concerns as a pro-life activist, for whom abortion is the central electoral issue:

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If Stericycle isn’t hauling fetal remains, why do they keep showing up at abortion clinics?

by Matt Yonke (June 16, 2016 at 4:47 pm)

Stericycle truck outside a Grand Rapids abortion facility, June 15 [Photo courtesy of Leisa Snow]

For the last few months, the Pro-Life Action League has been keeping close tabs on Stericycle, the largest medical waste hauler in the country.

Though the company claims that it does not accept human remains [PDF], Stericycle is known to serve Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics across the country, and evidence is mounting—including some photos taken just yesterday—that they may be taking much more than they’re letting on.

The Pro-Life Action League has partnered with our friends at Created Equal in their Project Weak Link to expose Stericycle’s connection to the abortion industry to pressure them to cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

This would leave the nation’s largest abortion chain without a medical waste disposal company—a situation that has crippled abortionists in the past and terrifies them today, as you can see in Created Equal’s video promo for the project: [Continue reading …]

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