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Feminism Has Come Down to Nothing But Contraception and Abortion

Posted by Ann Scheidler (December 10, 2013 at 10:00 am)

Stop Obama's HHS Mandate signNow that the U. S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases challenging Obamacare’s HHS Mandate, abortion advocates are trying to scare women into thinking that the courts are about to take away their precious right to infertility.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the two cases, NARAL Pro-Choice America asked, “Will bosses be able to deny women birth control?”

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The lawsuits challenge the government’s right to force the employer to pay for a woman’s birth control in her employer-provided health insurance. No one is telling women that they can’t walk down to the corner Walgreens and buy whatever birth control they want.

A legitimate question is: Why is that an employer’s responsibility?

Fertility is a natural condition of a woman. Taking a drug to override the body’s natural state is hardly the responsibility of a company’s owner. And plenty of studies have shown that the birth control pill is not particularly healthy for a woman to be taking.

Linda Greenhouse, in a New York Times op-ed, calls the effort on the part of those companies that have brought the lawsuits against the birth control mandate “a war on modernity.” Evidently modern women don’t want to risk becoming mothers, and they don’t want to pay for it either.

What a sad commentary on womanhood. I find it so frustrating and truly disappointing that all the feminist movement has come to is contraception and abortion. It is bad enough that feminist leaders campaign for abortion on demand and free birth control, but it is a real indictment of 21st century women that they buy this definition of themselves.

I guess it is an admission of my age that I grew up in an era when it mattered to women that they be perceived as “ladies.” That didn’t mean that we couldn’t have lots of fun and get involved in interesting activities. But it implied that we had a certain self-respect and wanted others to respect us as well. Yes, there were fewer opportunities for women academically and in the working environment. But it was not necessary to throw off all vestiges of respect to make gains in the boardroom and the classroom.

It’s disappointing that so many women don’t respect their true womanhood and embrace fertility as a gift. If they are as smart as they like to think they are, they might be able to learn how to work with nature.

Then no one would have to spend any money on birth control.


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One Response to “Feminism Has Come Down to Nothing But Contraception and Abortion”

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  1. Jen Bryant says:

    There are many many other “natural conditions” that require some sort of medical intervention that isn’t “particularly healthy” but we all accept that aspect of modern medicine. Do you think that chemo isn’t appropriate for cancer patients (frankly, as far as anyone knows, cancer can occur naturally)? Should employers not cover that as well?
    Also, the idea of walking to walgreens to get birthcontrol is silly. Condoms yes, but people should have the choice to add other forms as well. I use condoms in combination to my Rx. My Rx also assists in relieving the pain I experience due to abnormally painful menstration cycles.
    Yes, your comments and your picture definately gave away your age. I’m sure you wish we could all just go back to the “good ol’ days” but that’s exactly what the are…the old days. Women are getting married later and some who have, are postponing having children. I think you making a seemingly blanket comment about “respect” for ourselves is simply a sign that you have become disconnected with age. Who are you to place judgement on modern woman? Casting your nose down on woman makes you appear less ladylike that you think. And furthermore, your statement “if they are as smart as they think they are”? Well, I’m sure I know plently more intelligent woman (and ladies for that matter) who find your views archaic.
    Feminism is more than just about childbearing, and I would recommend you “Lean-In”. It sums up the new feminist movement and doesn’t mention contraception or abortion anywhere.

    December 17, 2013 at 6:37 pm

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