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Our youth outreach, raising up a new generation of pro-life leaders

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A New Pro-Life Generation

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A significant change in our culture has gone largely unnoticed: young people are more pro-life than their elders. Generations for Life is the Pro-Life Action League's outreach to this new pro-life generation.

Generations for Life empowers teens to be effective pro-life leaders by helping them to establish lively pro-life clubs within their own high school communities and youth groups. Visit the Generations for Life blog for the latest GFL news.

Transforming the Culture

Generations for Life is on the leading edge of a growing youth movement to transform the culture and usher in an era of reverence for all human life from conception to natural death—a culture in which all people, whatever their age, ability, background or physical condition, are treated as members of one human family and children of God.

Teens at Youth for Truth rally outside Planned Parenthood Aurora

Teens at a "Youth for Truth" rally outside Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL

Generations for Life is helping to nurture this new movement of pro-life youth with a comprehensive pro-life curriculum covering all the life issues. The Generations for Life Curriculum enables teens to start up their own pro-life clubs and empowers them to become effective pro-life leaders.

Offering Guidance

Young people are disenchanted with our culture, but they have little direction to help them make good choices.

Generations for Life and the GFL Curriculum educate young people on the value of life and the lifestyle choices that affirm the dignity of each person, born and unborn.

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