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Q & A on abortion, the unborn child, where we stand on the issues and more

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Getting Help

Where can I get help with my unplanned pregnancy?

Finding out that you are pregnant when you don't want to be can be overwhelming and even frightening. You may feel as if abortion is your only choice.

But you do have a real choice. Pregnancy resource centers can help you with your pregnancy in a variety of was, including:

It's easy to find a pregnancy resource center in your area:

Finally, you can look in your local phone book under Abortion Alternatives."

Where can I get help dealing with an abortion I was involved with?

Dealing with the aftermath of an abortion, whether it was wanted or unwanted, can be extremely painful. The following resources may be helpful:

Organizations for Post-Abortion Healing

Project Rachel
Nationwide network for post-abortion individual counseling. 1-800-5WE-CARE
Rachel's Vineyard Ministries
Weekend retreats for women to facilitate post-abortion healing. 1-877-467-3463
Healing Hearts Ministries International
Confidential one-on-one e-mail and support group counseling.
National Life Center
Referrals to post-abortion help in your area. 1-800-848-LOVE
Fatherhood Forever Foundation
Organization addressing the effects of abortion on men
Men's Abortion Recovery (MARC) Ministries
Outreach to men suffering with the aftermath of abortion. 610-384-3210
The Elliot Institute
Research on abortion aftermath as well as testimonials
Silent No More Awareness
Woman speak out about the pain of their abortions, plus an extensive list of resources.

Books for Post-Abortion Healing

No One Told Me I Could Cry by Connie Nykiel (Life Cycle Books)
Resource for young women who have had abortions
Men and Abortion: A Path to Healing by C.T. Coyle (Life Cycle Books)
Resource for men, based on a forgiveness model of healing
A Solitary Sorrow by Paul and Teri Reisser (Life Cycle Books)
Begin healing on your own, especially if you aren't ready to work with someone
Forbidden Grief by Theresa Burke (Acorn Books)
Understanding how women deal with their pain by sharing Burke's experience counseling women with Post-Abortion Syndrome
Her Choice to Heal by Sydna Masse and Jean Phillips
Resource for women who have had an abortion
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How can I get help dealing with a poor prenatal diagnosis?

Finding out that the baby you're expecting will be born with special needs is one of the most difficult experiences any parent can face. But you are not alone.

Other parents who have faced this painful situation—including pressure from doctors and others to abort the child—are there to help at

How can I get help with a school project or report I'm writing?

Students can receive help from the Pro-Life Action League through our free student packet, available from our Generations for Life youth outreach division.