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League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

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Spring 2007 ACTION NEWS | VOL. XXVI No. 1

League First To Picket Obama

Candidacy Announced amid Chants of "Life Yes! Obama No!"

by Eric Scheidler

Obama Protest

The League protest was highly visible from the midst of the crowd at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, IL, February 10 [Photo by EJS]

Pro-abortion politicians love to soft pedal their position. They use euphemisms like "freedom of choice" and "reproductive rights," hoping that nobody brings up the ugly truth that they support the killing of unborn babies. But we don't let them get away with it.

Because the Pro-Life Action League is based in Chicago, we are more aware then most that presidential hopeful Barack Obama is one of the most extreme supporters of abortion in the U.S. Senate. During his eight years in the Illinois Senate, Obama racked up a 100% pro-abortion voting record, going so far as to oppose to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, denying the right of babies who survive an attempted abortion to receive medical treatment.

So when we heard in early February that Obama would be announcing his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, we knew we had a duty to be there. On Saturday, February 10—one of the coldest days of the year—40 members the Pro-Life Action League and other Illinois pro-life groups gathered in Springfield, Illinois to protest Barack Obama's staunch support for abortion as he launched his presidential campaign at the Old State Capitol.

Obama Staffers Fail To Silence Pro-Lifers

We were unable to carry our graphic abortion and Life Yes! Obama No! signs into the midst of the Capitol plaza because of the large crowds and police barracades. Instead, we took up a position at Sixth and Adams Streets, on the edge of the plaza and right across from the media grandstand. It was a providential spot. Not only did we gain a lot of media attention, but as people left the plaza they had to walk right past our signs. Many of them were unaware of Obama's pro-abortion extremism.

Obama staffers were extremely upset by the League protest and tried to convince Illinois state troopers and Capitol police to force our group to move to a "designated" protest area several blocks away. However, the police did nothing more than instruct League National Director Joe Scheidler not to use his bullhorn.

Teens at Obama Protest

Four Springfield teens—(from left) Hilary, Samantha, Jessica and Mark—joined the Obama protest and were featured on the Generations for Life blog [Photo by EJS]

Even without the bullhorn, the pro-life chants of "Life YES! Obama NO!" could be heard deep within the huge crowd, according to an Obama supporter who was near the speakers' podium.

Media Covers League Protest

Many media outlets reported on the League protest in their stories on the Obama announcement, including Chicago's NBC Channel 5, the Daily Herald, the Daily Southtown, the Southern Illinoisan, the Springfield Journal-Register and others.

"Barack Obama is on record calling abortion a 'personal tragedy' that he deeply regrets," Joe Scheidler commented in a press statement prior to the protest. "Yet he was one of the staunchest supporters of abortion in the Illinois Senate. Such extraordinary disregard for the lives of the most helpless members of our society disqualifies Obama from serving as our President."

Abortion: Campaign Issue #1

We are proud to have been the first pro-life group to protest Barack Obama over his abortion position, and we look forward to exposing the pro-abortion positions of other candidates like Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Rudy Giuliani. No candidate—or voter—can be allowed to forget about abortion during Election 2008.

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